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Huskr was a project I worked on as part of Webstart Bristol - a startup incubator that specialises in websites and apps. The site is a group deals platform for independant online retailers, it gained a great level of traction and press however sadly has had to come offline due to working on new projects.

GPS Analytics System for Outdoor Advertising

I am currently working for a vehicular outdoor advertising company and developing online software for tracking the performance of outdoor campaigns. It combines GPS and connected car technologies to allows advertisers a more indepth insight into their advertising campaigns.

Swap Mobile App

Swap is an app that I've been working on when I get the chance, I won't give too much away here but get in contact if you would like find out more. The app is built with Facebook's React Native, Swift and Objective-c.


The Pastry Room approached me about building them an online store for their new gluten free pastry products. The site allows them to manage their stock levels and reach new customers by opening up their doors to the online community.

Open Source Projects

[available on GitHub]

React Native Socket.IO

This does what it says on the tin; a react native wrapper for the Socket.io Swift Client library. It exposes the entire Swift API by polyfilling some of its functionality on the JS side of the bridge. It basically makes it really easy to build real time mobile apps.

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Chatta - Website Chat Widget

I was using Olark (a real time chat plugin for website that allows you to chat to your website visitors) on a website of mine and realised that it would be much more effective to be able to chat to website visitors through slack. Olark's JS api didn't allow for this so I built Chatta - its litrally just the widget part of the system. All the widget events are exposed through its API so any developer can integrrate with the rest of their stack.

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React Native Tween Animation

A fairly simple project - but I get a lot of use out of it! Animations in React Native are still fairly unstandardised and so I built this module to add animtations to React Native apps witout any of the complexities. It simply tweens the state of a component and utilises Reacts polyfill method 'requestAnimationFrame'.

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